Why Not?

*Sigh* missed posting last week -_-

Lot to write about, guess things were just to hectic to actually sit down and write.

Had another 'dream-script' come to me last night.. unfortunately it didn't stick with me that long, I've already forgotten most of it. *Shrug* oh well, it'll probably come back to me sometime, I think I know what triggered it, so hopefully I just need to rewatch the triggers to get it back.

Anyway, since the last post, I ordered seasons 1-4 of SG: Atlantis (5 isn't available on Amazon yet) and purchased it with the 'I don't care when it gets here' shipping option so I didn't have to deal with the cost of shipping. The supposed shipping date was 1/30 and we would recieve it on 2/2. That didn't happen. It ended up being shipped out the day after I'd placed the order I think (1/27), and then arriving on 1/29! So we paid no shipping costs and got it delivered before it was even supposed to be shipped out XD

Don't you just love the irony?

Anyway, been watching that, since, during SciFi's show-end marathon, we'd found that we'd missed a couple of the third season's episodes and I finished watching that last night, so now I'm going to sit back and watch the series from the beginning with father-figure.

As for anime, I've been watching a few new series that're still airing and I want to make some comments.

White Album, at first it seems to be just another anime about a guy/girl couple, and the female of the couple is trying to make it as an idol.. and it doesn't look like she's going to do very well. The guy on the other hand, doesn't seem to be as sure what he wants to do with his life. He was kicked out of his dad's house and is recieving very little support from his father even though they live close enough to have him appear every few episodes.

He's struggling to get by, and further struggling to continue to see his girlfriend while both their schedules are seemingly packed. But they are surviving. The real struggle is that the guy seems to have at least four other women trying for him, and only one doesn't have any connection to his girlfriend's studio, so it's a question of who's just trying to keep the 'idol's image clean enough for her to make it and who is actually interested in him. The fact that they talk so fast and confusingly sometimes, mixed with times of complete silence, make it difficult to enjoy as a sub. But it's an interesting story if you take the time to pause it from time to time and fully absorb what they're saying and the body language. It's real world, and that makes it really attractive to me.

Bleach is in filler right now, and it was a rather jarring jump this time, one minute they're gearing up for the series of battles they've been leading up to since the second arc, then they jump into filler and everyone's at home. I actually went back last week and rewatched the last 'story-line' episode to make sure the jarring-ness wasn't just me missing something. Nope, they really jarred everyone like that. Is that a signal that Bleach is coming to an end? I hope not.

Akikan is another one I'm following.. started off rather slow and slowly started up the storyline. It seems to be an odd kind of 'remake' of Gash/Zatch Bell, but since it's just starting up, we'll see where it goes. The biggest difference is that there seems to be sides of the battle this time, where in 'Bell it's supposedly each one for themselves.

On the song front, I made a comment in one of my friends' journals about the song in my 'music tag', and then later came to realize that in just a sentance or two I gave a ego boost to four or five seperate women without realizing it XD It's kinda a twisting around for all but two, but still, to do that much in just a few statements and unintentionally is amusing. And the song is playing continually in my head, even when it gets pushed out by another song, it isn't long before it comes back, and I have no issue with that ^_^

Before this gets any longer, I'm going to sign off on this entry. Gotta save something to say in the next one.. hopefully I'll get to it earlier next week.

~Bastion & Jamie

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Procrastinator's Curse

I have homework I should be getting done.. but I really don't want to for some reason.

It's not like I don't want the good grades that go with it, I'm actually liking my classes this semester.  I was thinking I was going to have to drop my Body Conditioning/Free Weights class, cause it was causing me undo psudo-stress what with expecting the teacher wanted more results from me, and then having to find parking for my classes on top of the hill so I didn't have to climb it twice a week.

The first was taken away when the coach actually came up to me after warm-up and reduced my regimen and signed off on my probably lower weights than the rest of the class, and then when I drove up to find a parking slot for the rest of my classes, I found an entire section of the lot cleared, probably 'cause people dropped classes.  So as long as I don't mind walking a little ways (Yay! more exersize :) ), things are looking fine.

It's good to be on God's good side ^_^

On the flip side.. I still don't want to get the work done at home.. I want the grades, I'm liking the classes so I'll be showing up, I'm just having problems with the self-motivating part of the work schedule.  *sigh* this is why I want a job, so that I have less unplanned time and thus more need to schedule things so everything gets done.  Sitting down and doing the research is the first obstacle to overcome there.. once I get over that hurdle I'm good to go.

I'm going to go watch some more anime episodes, maybe clearing up more of the less important stuff will leave me to say 'hey, there's nothing else to do, let's get the doldrum out of the way as well.

At least I'm meeting the 'at least one post a week' goal I set for myself *happy thoughts are happy* ^_^
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Career and Anime

First off, at the church gathering I'd asked if they could be praying about the direction God wanted me to head. Though the entertainment industry was a general, with focus I seemed to be getting mixed signals, so I wanted them to be praying about clarity. That very night/early morning before my alarm went off, I got what could almost be called a full on script for a show, in a dream. I've never had a prayer answered so clearly so quickly, or gotten the answer I was kinda hoping for included.

And even now it hasn't gone away, in fact, last night gave me the impression of a somewhat follow-up for the continuing. I'm almost dancing with glee at this, finally a direction ^_^ after 25 years of life. I'll include the psudo-script in a cut at the bottom of this post (On second thought, probably shouldn't).

Right now I wanna get to comments about anime I watched last night and this morning. First, I watched ep 13 of Tradora! which I've been following and kinda slipped up with the confusion of getting the school semester set up. It was the second part of a school cultural festival in which they held an event similar to our (American) tradition of voting for and crowning the homecoming queen, decided on by a beauty contest *shrug*. The school 'Palmtop Tiger' won *shrug* her costume was rather cute, props to the main character who got it fit for her to wear. Yay for short people XD.

Then they held a race for the 'person' crowning her and becoming the 'Lucky Guy' which kinda was their version of the Homecoming King. He also got some other prizes, which included a dance with the 'Queen'. Neither of these events generally happen in the festival in japanese culture, the class president just decided to hold them because she was graduating that year and wanted to go out with a bang I think. Anyway, back to the race, it was supposed to be for the guys and even though no one had wanted anything to do with the Palmtop Tiger at the start of the series, there was serious contention for the race, but for some reason one of her female friends, and the main character's crush, got into the race. Together the main character and her friend won (holding hands while running through the finish line, yay romance lol).

Then during the bonfire (the traditional ending to the festival culturally), they're standing together (after Taiga had run off to stop the 'stupid chihuahua' from flirting, she used to be a supermodel, so of course she was), Minorin asked "Am I a lesbian?" because she'd run in the race.. that just made me have to hit pause and go chase my brain out of where it'd run to hide. First that she'd actually voiced the question, then that she asked it of the guy that has a crush on her! And then she continues on without an answer as if she hadn't even asked. I just shook my head (carefully so that the 'brain-box' didn't get any ideas of running off again heh)

To make it even more amusing, when I posted last time, the system IM I got asked something about if my girlfriend decided to announce that she was lesbian (can't remember the exact wording, too lazy to look it up).  The amusing thing is, she was there when that message popped up, and although neither of us are exactly sure what the actual definition of the word is, she has admitted to being bi, so we think that pretty much says she is.. and in answer, I don't care.  I've even said to my friends that she tends to 'hit' on my female friends more than I do, and I often complain about having too much testerone circling my blood.

The anime I chose to watch this morning was KissxSis. It starts off pretty normally for a 'slice-of-life' type of anime, with the main character's alarm waking him up. Only he can't turn it off because his arms are numb, when it's revealed why you get your first taste of what the anime's about. Turns out that his arms are numb, because his 'sisters' are using his shoulders as pillows.

Yes, it's an etchi anime. It only gets worse from there. It is revealed that, while the main character thinks of them as sisters, they seem to be related by his father marrying their mother, who brought them along from a previous marrage, so there's no actual blood relation between them.. but still, it's an odd situation.

They both confess that they love him, which gives a little credence to the echi factor which they both show, to the point of having a contest between them, and they both have all the guys saying they're cute when they visit his classroom to deliver their lunches to him.. but I still think they go a little far, even if the japanese culture is more accepting of it.

At the end of the first episode, he agrees to study hard and try to get into their school (they're a little older than him) if they agree to tone it down and actually let him study, so the episode ends happily. Waiting to see what they do with the next. Unfortunately it's only registered to be a two-episode run, so we probably won't get to see it to the end, but if you're willing to accept the etchi parts, it seems to be a pretty good story.

I'm liking where my life is headed right now, career path finally lit up, enough time to relax a little. Tomorrow I have no classes to get to, so I'll be watching more anime and trying to restore some more space on the computer, maybe I'll actually be able to defragment the thing by the end of the week.

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I said I was gonna try to write an entry every week, and I Will succeed!

Ok, still holding out for trying to keep my New Year's Resolution.. since I think of my week starting Monday nights, I still have some leeway for this week, but I still feel I'd almost lost it this week. Classes semester starting up this week didn't really help the promptness, but hopefully that's stableized enough now.

I still plan to do a more indepth review of the season finalies of Sanctuary and Stargate Atlantis, but I think I've covered most things already, so I'm not sure it'll happen. Either way, that's not what the entry'll be about this time.

I think I've finally been given a direction for my career, and it's not what I'd expected. At first, I thought it was going to be something with computers. My dad's a programer with an engineering background, and I thought I'd be following in his footsteps. Only when I got into college and started on that path, it got to feeling like that wasn't the right path for me. I've wandered around between then and now trying to find my way since.

Wed (I think) I started to watch an anime called Skip Beat, which is about a young woman struggling to get by in the entertainment industry, from the first breaking into it and then working her way to the top, and between it and Coyote Ugly, I think God's leading me to follow the same path. While I don't know exactly which section to focus on right now, all of the hints seem to be directing me towards either acting (which I'm scared to do, both because I have a rather lousy memory and I don't like talking in front of people) or directing, both of these sections I've seemed to be building up the skills for since I can remember and am only now finding the connections!

Aside from that, I've been cultivating an intrest in health, physical, eating habits and mental, and I'm taking classes this semester that support those. Tues/Thurs schedule is: physical musclature building, followed by nutritional choices, and ending the day with mental in the form of ethics. And Monday is a finishing my CIS degree class, which I get a break from this week because of a president's b-day, also get a break from the nutrition class because the teacher is out of state this week.

Still love writing and music, but they seem to be more of a hobby focus than a career, though it could turn out that I'll use them in my actual job, they are artistic and I'm still open about where to head right now. Wish I could write all these ideas that keep coming to mind, but writing is getting harder to do recently :(

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Going to write something for this week

I know, I said I was going to rewatch and post of real reviews of the second-to season finales episodes last week. Well, it didn't happen. On Friday morning I got a chance, and then decided that since the second-half of the episodes was going to be airing that night, I'd just hold off on it until now.

I'll say a little about the shows out in the main, and then hide the possible spoilers under a cut, just because :p

Stargate, even though they put the To Be Continued ending on the last episode.. there really wasn't much connecting the two episodes. The message of the last episode finally came through about 15 minutes into the episode, it was used as a plot device to save a ship from destruction, for a while and then was pretty much forgotten about in the bigger picture.

One last thing I want to say out here, towards the end, was a commercial they played. Stargate Universe; we don't know if it's a new 'Stargate' series, or a movie or something else at this point, but it was hinted that it's really going to be a good story.

Collapse )
Second, Sanctuary. Turns out that my guess that Will makes it a 'The Six' was wrong, at least in the short-term, though through hints he's probably going to be considered one of them anyways. This one carried on the story much better than the Atlantis.

Collapse )Other news, I've signed up for the new semester at the local community college, and I went on an checked my grades from last semester, I did about what I expected in final grading, so I guess that front is good. Still have the classes to finish for my degree, but things are looking up.

More On the Last Entry + some backlog

First off, more on the shows, still haven't gotten a chance to critically watch them, probably won't get a chance to until tomorrow, but I wanted to say more.
Sanctuary: They gave 'titles' to the 5 <strike>The ones who injected themselves with True Vampire blood</strike> based on their 'blood-gifts'.  First: Magnus who doesn't really have a title given that her power is that of longevity, I guess they couldn't really give her one.  Second: Druid <strike>pronounced 'Dru'ed' for some reason</strike> aka Jack the Ripper, yes the famous criminal is a character in the show, has the power of teleportation, a handy little trick.  Third to be introduced was Tesla, with his gift of working with electricity.  Fourth, I didn't catch his actual name, but they teased Will that he was the original Sherlock Holmes, as his gift was an exceptional mind.  And Fifth, finally revealed part of the way through the show, was the original Invisible Woman.
I say was because it's revealed at the same time her name/gift is revealed that she died.  I'm guessing that between using their own gifts and Magnus' blood, the others managed to survive into this century.  'Holmes' had to invent a machine to allow his body to continue to move, evidentally the blood isn't effective at keeping the body whole, just preserving the life force of secondary injectees.  But back to the 'Invisible Woman', she's evidentally knew that she was going to pass on her blood trait through her bloodline, and so she has a line of successors, first the 'Invisible Man' as her son, and then another 'Invisible Woman' who is shown in the episode (and in the commercial-previews).
   Evidentially all of the original blood wasn't used up, so the scene shown in the commercial-preview, and the final view of the episode, destined to be a multi-parter, was of the remainder of the 5 + Will (the only 'normal' regular character) gazing out onto the field where the remainder lays.  <strike>Anyone willing to place bets on what will happen with that?  I'm thinking that Will makes the 5 a 'The 6' by being forced to inject himself with the remainder.  He's already been part of the experiment by the Cabal to turn 'normals' into abnormals during the 'blood fighting ring' episode, making him a true abnormal only seems fitting.</strike>.  Also, since it's been shown that the blood traits get carried down through the bloodline, it raises questions about Ashley, who is the daughter of two of the 5.  Longevity and teleportation seem to be in her blood, though we haven't seen the emergence of either one so far.
  When they 'captured' the 'Invisible Girl' there was a scrap of conversation about how could she turn her clothes invisible (something the Fantastic Four also dealt with amusingly enough) and Druid comments back that she isn't wearing any.. you would think it would be a perfect opportunity to insert some sexual inclination, and they handled it very well, when she turned visible, the camera angle was just right to block anything from being seen, Will threw his jacket over her shoulders so when Druid moved away she was covered, and she hid herself behind a gravestone while changing into more comfortable clothing (handily placed) so there wasn't any opportunities given, I have to give the creators a hand for playing that scene so well.  They had their sex fun with the Nubbles  episode, they did this one completely clean.
  Another funny scene was in the 'sitting room' of the Sanctuary, Will is serving tea (Magnus hates coffee, I think she said she never touches the stuff in one of the past episodes, and Will teases her about being a true Brit because of it, I think it's become a running joke between them) and as he sits down he cluckles at the fact that he's sitting in a room with Jack the Ripper and Sherlock Holmes and I chuckled, thinking of writing a piece of Detective Conan/Sanctuary crossover just based on that scene alone.
  A lot happened this episode, I'll watch it again <strike>probably tomorrow</strike> and probably have more to say, but it's definately a good thinking show.. if only it weren't on at 11:00 on Friday nights.

Atlantis, as I said last entry, they killed Sheppard again, and he's probably going to be back next episode having survived through some miracle of happenstance, given that the Sheppard they killed doesn't seem to be the same one as the show normally follows makes it a little more believable, but still, it's an overdone plotline by now.  Maybe if they 'killed' and ressurected someone else for a change..  I don't really have anything to add to it yet, but I don't want to forget.
   It's interesting to note that for the Atlantis episode they did end the episode with a 'To Be Continued' frame, though the previews for the final episode seemed to indicate they'll follow it up linearly, while the Sanctuary episode wasn't given one, but a linear follow seems more likely in it.  *Shrug*

I've been watching a lot of football, sitting with my dad, over the holiday, so I haven't really been around the computer these last few weeks, but that will hopefully return to normal with the holidays over and the working schedules back on track starting tomorrow.  Still gotta register for classes this semester.. intended to do that the first week of the break but it just kept getting pushed off >.<  Now I'm probably going to be in the same situation I was last semester, registering for classes just before they start if I'm right about when Moorpark classes start.  Ah well.

I also have a lot of writing to get done, I've started a MAR story that I posted on FFN, intending to keep up with updating that every week or so.. still only one chapter writen anywhere but in my head.  I also started a piece of writing based on Jamie's life that's been hanging in the same situation that I want to work on, as does she, just haven't gotten to that.  There's the piece I refrenced above, along with a couple of other Sanctuary-themed fanfiction pieces I want to write.  There's also tons of other prompts I've stored up, I have a 20' moniter at the highest resolution, and my txtpad of prompts is still several 'pages' long, and then I have another txt file about the same length of AMW (Anime Music Writings, AMV's in written form) ideas.. the ideas just love me, they just don't want me to actually write them.  Luckily I seem to have been given a gift of knowing other people to delegate tasks that I can't do on my own to.
   As a final note on this subject, my 'New Year's Resolution' is to try and write something each week, and that includes making a post here and writing a chapter of at least one other thing for now.. maybe once those lists get a little bit shorter I'll change that to at least one entry OR one chapter of something else, but I doubt that'll happen for at least a few months.  I've got the first week of journaling checked off at least, lets see if I can keep it up.

I have a lot of Anime to watch as well, some finished shows that I want to finish watching before I write them to disk <strike>so that I can fill up my HDs again with more anime</strike> and some shows that are airing that are amusing to watch, and I'm impatient about waiting for series I really want to see the next episode of.
   Manga follows the same path, though those fill up my bookshelf.  I tried to go on FFN to see what was available to read from there, but those mostly seem to deal with finished series, and most of the manga I read I haven't finished the story, so I'd spoil some of it for myself if I did read those, so I'm trying to hold off for now.

This is getting really long, so I'm going to call off this entry here, post more next week along with more thurogh reviews of the episodes from Friday, ending with saying, it needs to stop being windy, cold I can deal with, but when it's cold and windy I freeze >.<  *goes to curl up in a blanket and watch football with father-figure for a bit*
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Not Really an Entry

Not really an entry, just a note before I head off to sleep again in this new year.  Notes about the shows I watch:
Sanctuary, a multi-parter that answered a few questions we had about the show and created a few more, made the show quite a bit more interesting.  Certainly hope there's another season coming for this show and they don't just plan to shut it down after the first.
Atlantis, they did something they've been doing all season long.. they killed Sheppard again, and he's probably going to be back next episode having survived through some miracle of happenstance, given that the Sheppard they killed doesn't seem to be the same one as the show normally follows makes it a little more believable, but still, it's an overdone plotline by now.  Maybe if they 'killed' and ressurected someone else for a change..

And one more TV-Sci-Fi related note, they seemed to indicate they'd be playing Serenity at least tomorrow, maybe they'll be playing the show until they figure out their schedule for the next season.

As part of my 'New Year's Resolution' I'm going to try to update here more often, we'll see how well that actually goes as the year passes on, but for now, to sleep I head.  I'll try to update tomorrow more coherently and insert some of the rest of the notes I've been gathering since my posts became irratic last year.


Women and Geeks first, oh wait, that's all of us.

Haven't/Can't rewatch episodes right now dad's watching a football game and doing something in front of the TV I think, so I don't want to disturb him. But I did watch the shows last night and wanted to make some comments about them. Hopefully no real spoilers, I'll try to keep things vague enough not to give anything away.

First, last weeks SG: Atlantis, Rodney actually asks Jennifer out.. after she prompts him, and by the end of the episode they're a definate couple. Sheppard and Ronin see them sitting and talking over lunch, Sheppard wonders out-loud if he's ever going to make a move.. and then they both shrug and walk away (never to be seen again that episode).

This week's episode, it seemed they'd tried really hard to make it seem like they were just going to kill off the main team (Including Jennifer later) and they only survive by the skin of their teeth every time. Really, it's sad that the show's supposedly going to end in a few episodes, just when things seem to be getting good. It was a very good episode all-in-all.

Sanctuary's really shining, the Sanctuary's mermaid kinda got her episode after being in the opening theme. She didn't actually appear, but the entire episode is predicated on her comments. I don't think it's spoilers to say that Magnus is killed, even to say that she's killed by Will, since it happens both as the first scene and is shown in the commercials, then the episode goes 'back in time' and explains the why.

The second scene of the episode was Magnus and Will talking during the initial set up for the episode, so I don't think it's spoilers to talk about either, but evidentally Will and Michael the computer geek who says the subject line in another episode have named the Sanctuary mermaid 'Sally' because her actual name is unpronouncable in human tounge, and it's better than something ovbious like Ariel or Ursula or Pearl (there were other suggestions, but those three caught my attention more than the others). My dad and I just laughed at that, as we have the same habit. We've named the 'Big Guy' Phil because he hasn't been given a name as of yet that has been shown.

My sister left her Beta with us to take care of when she left for college out of state, he actually survived almost through the semester.. A few weeks ago he started acting what seemed like listless, I changed his water, and a few days later he stopped eating, another few days and he became a 'was-a-fish'. Just after I'd talked to Sis on the phone coincidentally heh

After keeping a goldfish alive for many more years than should have been possible, even forgetting to feed him for weeks at a time before he finally expired, I think I have some sort of gift for keeping things around longer than I should heh

On the musical front, I've found a few more songs I want to locate, but mostly I've been having fun listening to the radio and having songs attach themselves to my friends and family. I hear the song 'My Sister' and think of my mom and aunt and wonder what they'd think of it.

One that's actually got me kinda worried, Just a Dream has attached itself to Aya-chan and, even though I make it no secret that I don't like her boyfriend, it actually upsets me when I hear it. He's not planning to enter anywhere where it could happen like in the song, which makes the firmness that it's chosen to attach itself to her even more worrysome.

In other news, I've been reading manga and watching anime, mostly having fun reading shows I've seen before, and being amused at what parts of the story have been changed or entirely skipped in the different worlds, to fill time or absorb it.

Again, there's more I want to talk about and just flown my mind right now. Maybe someday I'll actually remember enough to have an entry here that doesn't end with this.. but for now, I sign off.

~Bastion & Jamie
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Been Lazy

Yea, I've been really lazy.  Had an idea for a post I wanted to make for a couple of days now and just haven't gotten to putting it down.

This isn't the ideas either, got an e-mail 'tag' game that I really liked, don't usually send on Forwards, but I enjoyed this one, so I not only followed the instructions and sent it on, but I'm also going to post it up here so maybe it can get started and go around here.


Here's a game of tag I haven't seen before...it's pretty funny! Do you know the #1 song the day you were born? Go to http://www.joshhosler.biz and look up the number one song for your birthdate. Add your first name to the bottom of the list and put the name of the song beside it! Then email it to your friends and be sure and send me the results of 'your'song!

-Scott: "Maniac" by Michael Sembello  (wow, you mean there's actually fortelling why I'm so crazy :p)
-Jamie: "Come On Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners

Anyway, hopefully I'll get to finally post the entry I've been planning later today.

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Haven't Written Anything

Despite having the block between my fingers and mind apparently torn down.. I still haven't written much.  I've written the first chapter of my MAR fic, and posted it up on FFN, I don't think it's gotten more than a handful of views though >.<

Since this is Saturday, and I have nothing planned to do this weekend, I hope to have the next chapter of that story written up, as well as make some modifications to Jamie's story and get the second chapter of that written up this weekend.  Intersperced with that, I hope to copy down some more D&D stuff (for my own personal use) and get some more TV show reviews done.

I do want to say something in prequil to the reviews, in the Atlantis episodes, certain people were seeing oddities, and one of them wasn't recoginized until the final minutes of the episode.. I'd recognised it as one (but missed one of the more ovbious ones) about halfway through the episode  heh.

And in the Sanctuary episode, they split the team into two groups, which I think they did very well, got some backstory filled in, confirmed some hints they had given in the pilot.  All in all, a very well done episode.

One further thing that suprised both my dad and I, was that during the closing credits of Atlantis, they said 'the final episodes'.  We don't know if that means that they're thinking of taking Atlantis off the air after this season, or if they were just talking about the lead up to the season finalie, but it definately got our attention.  We both hope that they're not going to take it off.  Even though we don't really like the current season, it's been a good show, we don't want to see it get canned - not yet.

Now to go and maybe get some writing done.